Tim Harrison
Dip. CH.P(MT), Adv. Dip Prof.S.M.

I became a hypnotherapist in 1999 and have since helped many people with many issues. My main specialism in in Stress Management and issues around anxiety including fears, phobias and panic attacks. 

Stress can be a motivator, giving you the energy and drive that you need in your life, whether professional or personal. However, too much stress can overwhelm. When stress overwhelms you, your physical body ceases to function optimally. Stress hormone levels (e.g Cortisol and adrenalin) increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and suppresses your immune and digestive systems preparing your bodies “Fight or Flight “response. The Flight or Fight response is one which human’s evolved in order to protect us from attack from other animals. It was to motivate us to take action and fight the threat or run away from it. 

In our modern times, the Fight or Flight may not be the most appropriate response in the case where, perhaps, the stressor is a demanding boss or an impossible deadline imposed on us. We can’t realistically run away from it, nor can we fight with the perceived threat, at least not without undesirable consequences!

You become less able to think clearly, thus increasing your stress levels and making you less able to function on a rational level. 

But there is a way in which you can manage stress. And by managing stress you can enjoy a healthier life, better quality sleep and healthier human relationships. I have used hypnosis with many people to enable them to calm the mind and thus enable the resources and skills that they have, to develop healthier coping mechanisms for life’s challenges. There are a series of breathing techniques and visualisations that I can teach you to access a more productive state of mind. These are tools that will last you a lifetime!

What Is Hypnosis?

People often have an inaccurate view of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Many think about the stage hypnotist who seems to make people do embarrassing things whilst under the hypnotists “spell”. Actually, hypnosis is not about being under a spell. It is not magic. It is not mind control. 

Indeed, hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all experience several times during each day. Examples of this are; 

Road Hypnosis: where you are driving your car on a familiar route- and when you get to your destination, you can’t remember every twist and turn that you took to get there. You were on autopilot. Your subconscious mind took on many of the tasks involved in the actual driving of your car, leaving your conscious mind aware of potential hazards during your journey. 

Reading a Book: You have had the experience of becoming absorbed by the story to the exclusion of the outside world, even to the extent of not noticing time pass  

Watching a Film: Similar to the example above, ands those “Jump Scares” got you moving!

Hypnosis is merely a focus of attention to the words and stories that a trained hypnotherapist tells you, which engage your mind on making deep level changes to your internal model of the world and unlocking the enormous potential that you have in your subconscious mind. It is a pleasant and relaxing experience and it’s available to you whenever you are ready to make those changes that you want, in all aspects of your life!

I offer face to face sessions at The Bushey Therapy Centre, or at my other at the North London Centre for Mental Health in Stanmore. Alternatively, sessions can by online via Skype or Zoom.

Please contact me to set up an initial telephone consultation on 07923570545 or email me at hypnofactory@gmail.com