Michelle Katz  MBACP (Snr Accred)

(owner & founder of Bushey Therapy Centre)

If you’re considering counselling, then you undoubtedly want something to change.  Using an integrative approach which includes CBT, I work a 12 week model with couples & individuals to help you achieve your goals & the changes you desire. 

I will try to listen & understand your problems, how they arose and, most importantly, how to make changes. It is my belief that knowledge is a powerful tool, and I therefore work to 'psycho-educate - that is to inform and make sense of the behaviour, thoughts and feelings that are distressing you. If you like reading, then I will generally suggest books that can help your self learning.

Counselling is neither self indulgent or weak. No matter how 'big' or 'small' the problem, it is 'our' problem and it affects us. It takes courage to face our difficulties, and to change. But in counselling you are not alone. I believe it is a journey we undertake together. You determine the goal / destination, and I provide a road map to help us on the journey. Once you are able to recognise the obstacles and pitfalls you are encountering, you have the opportunity to avoid them.

People who experience low self esteem and a general sense of anxiety, respond particularly well once they have grasped this concept. And I am passionate about helping people free themselves from the shackles that have frightened and bound them is truly a joy.

If you have Private Helath Insurance with  Pru Health; AXA; WPA; BUPA or Aviva you may be able to claim for the counselling sessions you have with me.

Training, qualifications & experience

I began my training in 1993 with Relate, where I worked with couples and individuals who were experiencing difficulties in their relationship. I learned that sometimes simply working with one person could improve the relationship for both partners. I gained my certification in 1998.

1995 -1997. Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling - University of Hertfordshire.

This course was dual module and here I learned to adopt a Person Centred way of being with my clients, that is in a non judgemental, accepting, empathic manner. The Psychodynamic modality afforded me a wonderful opportunity to learn how our lives today are influenced so much by the things that happened in our past.

CBT. I thoroughly enjoy using CBT within my work. I see how by  changing  thoughts, people are able to change how they feel and behave. Simply recognising that we are playing the 'what if' game, with no 'evidence' for it (other than a conviction / fear) can free us from crippling anxiety.

I worked voluntarily for 7 years and in 2000 started my private practice. I am a founder member of the Bushey Therapy Centre.

I am a Senior Accredited member of the BACP

Fees £65 individuals £75 couples 

Contact Details   
07973 731194