Pat Capel BA (Hons) Counselling Psychology, HGDip, GMBPS

I am a solution focused psychotherapist which means that our contact could be quite short term. I aim to help you find strategies to deal with the difficulties that life is throwing at you. Sometimes, we just need a minor tweak. But there are also times when our contact might be a little more long term. Everyone is different and our needs are different. I work with all ages but my background in education means that I often see teenagers who are finding school and/or homelife tricky. I have been a secondary teacher for 30 years and recently left the classroom in order to focus on my therapy and counselling work. I also see clients who are simply looking for some objective guidance.

The areas where I tend to focus are:






Work-life balance


General coaching

You can find out more about me on my website

Feel free to call me for a chat on 07769663341 or email me at . You can then ask me questions and we can work out if we are a potential match. I will aim to see you as soon as possible. I also have rooms in Central London if seeing you in Bushey is difficult.